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27/02/2016 17:05

Our first project  « Volunteer House»  consists of the work of the Volunteer Center for the next 3 months from 15 August to 15 November.

  • Learning Organization for those who wish to become the   4 trainings.
  • The creation of the business cards of the Youth Volunteer Centre in order to hand them in to the people who are interested in.
  • The presentations of Youth Volunteer Center at Jewish school and Kherson Universities.
  • The creation of a database of volunteers and of the potential project partners.
  • The creation of the pages of the Youth Volunteer Center of Kherson in “vkontakte” and in facebook.  The announcement of the events taking place in photo mode.
  • An interactive lesson “This fabulous summer” for children from FRP families  and risk groups.
  • The performance of the promotion “Back-To-School». The purchase of a packet of the stationery goods and handing them to the children from FRP families to the 1st of September.  Questionnaire of  the needs of these families.
  • The designing of the booklets for the people who get their grant aid and the distribution of the booklets in the public places.
  • The performance of the outside events of the volunteers and the children of FRP and risk groups.
  • The Organization and carrying out of the action “Exchange Fund”.  This promotion consists of a voluntary collection of the warm children’s clothes, footwear in order to share them and gift them to the children from FRP families.
  • The preparation and assistance to the local authorities in the City holiday.
  • The organization and carrying out for the children from FRP families, risk groups and community-based children the interactive exercises to reinforce the PDD.
  • The organization and conducting of the joint training with the volunteers from Mykolaiv and Odessa.
  • The training for the volunteers in order to conduct the master classes for FRP families, risk groups and community families.  The performance of these master classes.
  • The Fair of the ideas or “Brainstorming” with the volunteers to ascertain the aspirations of the volunteers and to elaborate the future work plans for the Volunteer Center.
  • The performance of the holiday with the volunteers. Reports presentation.  Encouraging the volunteers with the gifts, certificates, etc.

The placing of the articles that contain the information about our Volunteer Center in the local newspaper, in the mass media sources, and in the Internet.  Possibly, an interview at the local television or radio stations.

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